CK-12 Navigation

My Roles: UX | Visual | Interaction
Team: Product
The navigation of the CK-12 site had been a continuous problem. Because of its massive amount of content and complexity, the current architectural structure lacked flexibility.

Chucking various parts of the site as Products (one of the core substance of the business), the Community aspect (this was not apparent on the current structure), and better findability.

Wireframes and Mocks on Architecture

Interaction and UI - Before & After

Findability - Before & After
Organizing the navigation allowed users to easily find different parts of CK-12. With schools, you were only able to access this on the homepage. Now, you can access it everywhere on the site.

Browse - Before & After

The browse area held massive amount of content and ways of getting there. Restructuring enabled more flexibility with content and ways of getting there. It also enabled customization and geolocation.

Other Explorations
Since CK-12's primary audience were teachers and students, their interaction behavior, as we learned, had to be simple and logical. Based on user interviews and testing, we found out that hiding different elements led to confusion and frustration.

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