hello there!

My name is Raquel Soriano. I live in sunny Redwood City, California (the best city with the best weather according to RWC). I studied Visual Communication at UC Davis (Go Aggies!) and have had 5+ years of UX experience and another 10+ years of graphic/web/visual experience. I'm passionate about education, entertainment, health care, and home & living. Being a designer for over a decade, I realize the impact it can do to people's lives and happiness. Even creating something so small can make a difference in someone's life. I believe in taking part of that impact and try to make a difference in the world.

I was born in the Philippines and arrived here in the United States when I was seven, not knowing a single word of English. My parents left their lives in the Philippines so their children can have better lives here. My parents were not college graduates, so education was very important to them. I grew up with three engineers, a mechanical, a chemical and an environmental engineer. Of course, my parents wanted me to be a computer engineer (that was the only one left, they said). But as I went through high school, my love of art and design grew more. With hesitation, I told my parents that I wanted to pursue design as a career. They weren't very happy at first but eventually became more supportive.

Read some of the case studies in my portfolio section and see how I visualize the work I create. I also love painting (watercolor) and doing art in general. I think alot of my designs reflect the artistic side of me and the interaction/ux side reflects the analytical side of me. I'm open for full-time, contract or freelance work at the moment.

Hope you enjoy this little bio. You can contact me at (650.868.0756 e: raq2727@gmail.com ).