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My Roles:
UX | Visual | Interaction
Team: Content Specialist, Engineering, QA

CK-12's primary content was from Grade 6-12 and after acquiring another company, Grade 1-5 Math was born. At first, CK-12 wanted to implement this feature as quick as possible, using the existing browse page layout and add some cute Grade 1-5 icons at the top (see figure 2). After looking at this design, it just wasn't targeting the audience correctly. I proposed to create a new browse page, thinking about the elementary students, ages 6-10, and how they would play and interact with this page. launch button

Same amount of content, different design and interaction.

Using an existing layout does not equal efficiency

Figure 2: CK-12 had an existing browse page with over 3-4 levels of content. It was thought that if we could use the same layout with just some modifications, then this feature would be a win-win, basically a shorter time-frame on implementation. After creating this mock, it was clear this design will not work for the target audience, ages 6-10. The page was too long and overwhelming.

Preliminary Designs

After doing research on the target audience, there were a couple of conclusions that were made. Kids, ages 6-10 shouldn't be overwhelmed, like figure 2. Information should be chunked together in a organizational matter. I asked the content specialist to separate the content in a more meaningful way and make it as simple and understandable as possible. Large, colorful buttons with icons were introduced. Next came the interaction. I split the 3 levels of content into a more simplified manner using interaction and animation. I also chose a font that was more friendly in appearance.

Final Designs

elementary math elementary math

Integrating Marketing into the scope of the project
A sample of the CK-12 Homepage, introducing Elementary Math.

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