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FlexMath is a free interactive practice site on Algebra curriculum. It's designed to let students learn algebra at their own pace with the help of a teacher or can be a stand-alone online course. It began as a series of Flash-based lessons and practice activities developed by teacher Todd McPeak for use to his own Algebra classroom. The site combined engaging lessons, interactive practice, adaptive assessments, scaffolding for struggling learners, and a calendar.

I was tasked to take this Flash-based site into a web-based one that looked similar to CK-12 online products. launch button

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Because the curriculum consisted of a plethora of lessons, we divided the content into manageable sections so teachers can easily see all the units and students can easily follow through. Lesson details were revealed when a user hovered over a lesson title.

Mental Math Practice

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Upon arriving on a lesson, user is first taken to an introduction, then objective, exercises, practice and conclusion, just like a lesson in a classroom setting. Some teachers even use FlexMath projected on a white board so students can follow along.

Ability for a teacher to create a lesson plans.

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