CK-12 Flexbook Mobile App

My Roles: UX | Visual | Interaction | Wireframe and Flows | Copywriting | App Icon Design
Team: Product Manager, Copy Editor, 2-3 Engineers (front and backend), QA
CK-12's core product, FlexBooks®, digital, customizable textbooks , were only accessible to offline users when students and teachers downloaded the PDF version. With the downloaded PDF, CK-12 was not able to capture offline usage so they could 1) improve the book 2) see how many users are actually using the FlexBook® 3) easily notify the users if there's an update on the FlexBook®. The FlexBook® app is availabe in App Store and Google Play.

Interaction Flows and Paper Prototypes


prototype paper

Documenting Interactive Specs

Interactive storyboards were for developers to keep track of all the interactions that are happening on the app. I've also created pixel perfect design specs for them to follow, along with animation recommendations.
Interactive Storyboard

interactive specs

Test. Evaluate. Revise. Repeat.

before and after images

Final Mocks

reader appreader app

reader appreader app

reader appreader app

reader appreader app

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