CK-12 About Pages

My Roles: UX | Design Lead | Interaction
Team: CEO, Designer, UI Developer
UX took the initiative to redesign the About area so it is consistent with the design aesthetic of the core CK-12 site. CK-12 also needed to inform users on how to get started with the product, achieve their various goals, and convey brand reliability.

With another designer, we analyzed all the content and architecture by re-prioritizing pages, maintained areas that were important for the different users and took out all redundancies. We crafted each page with a primary purpose and action and drive potential users to use our product and sign up.


Since the About area was a huge task to tackle, we printed out all existing pages and pinned them on the wall. This gave us a better visibility on which pages where missing, redundancies, and took notes on visual design and content problems.

Brainstorming and sketches on layout was necessary. This was a sketch of the timeline under mission page.

Heuristic analysis on current design

We made notes on what was working and not working on the current pages.

Final Designs
After months of revising content, working with a UI Developer, and refining designs, the about pages were finally done. Pages were also responsive.launch button

forward button